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Reflection 139: “I no longer believe it has to be forever, or that it has necessarily failed if it ends. I view marriage as an intention, not a promise.”

Why did you decide to get married?   My husband and I get this question a lot, because we are polyamorous and both have multiple other relationships. Especially since neither of us adheres to a strict primary/secondary model: right now we operate as a unit, living and making decisions between the two of us, but we’re … Continue reading


Reflection 136: “I may be stronger than I think and capable of thriving, with the support of other loved ones, on my own.”

KN lives in Erie. Why did you decide to get married? I decided to get married pretty much at the moment when my husband asked me—along the waterfront in Greece.  I was twenty-four and he was twenty-nine and we were both graduate students in a prestigious Creative Writing Program together, and at the moment, traveling for … Continue reading

Divorced or Separated

Reflection 135: “Marriage is not for everyone and people can hurt people so very deeply no matter what vows you took or how long you’ve known them.”

Jenn is 33 and lives  Queens, NY.  Why did you decide to get married? I married my first boyfriend who seemed nice enough. I ignored all the signs that this wouldn’t be a good relationship and pursued marriage because he asked and of the guys I had ‘messed around’ with in my 20s he was serious and put … Continue reading

Engaged / Interested in marriage at some point

Reflection 134: “For me finding a husband is personally my greatest accomplishment in life so far.”

Alexa is 21 and lives in Winnipeg, MB.  Why are you choosing to get married? I’ve wanted to get married my entire life, anytime I entered into a courtship I couldn’t contain how excited I was about the prospect of getting married.  I feel like finding a husband and maintaining a healthy marriage is a huge accomplishment … Continue reading


Reflection 133: “If I’m honest we married for stability and not some romantic gesture of love.”

 L, 29, lives in New Zealand. Why did you decide to get married?   I’ve been brought up to believe marriage is a positive thing if you plan to live your life alongside someone – It’s the ‘right’ thing to do, especially if children are involved. But we weren’t completely attached to getting married as … Continue reading